New System Acceptance Testing Services

Independent electrical acceptance testing of new power distribution systems is a critical step in minimizing equipment start-up problems and ensuring long term reliability.  Many problems can occur during manufacturing, shipment and installation of a new power system.  These problems include defective equipment, wiring errors, loose connections, missing coordination studies, and shipping and installation damage.  Independent electrical acceptance testing can not only discover these problems, but provides baseline test results for future system evaluations.  Eastern High Voltage is a true third party, independent electrical testing firm and we can provide a wide range of acceptance testing services.

  • NETA Certified Acceptance Testing - Cable High Potential, Insulation Power Factor, Transformer Turns Ratio, Ground Resistance, Circuit Breaker Primary Current Injection, Bus Resistance, Protective Relay Calibration
  • Infrared Scanning - Thermographic inspection during Burn-In and System Start-Up
  • Dranetz Meters - Power Quality Recording for Burn-In and Integrated Testing
  • Vacuum Degassing - On-Site Vacuum Filling of High Voltage Transformers