Eastern High Voltage Inc.

Preventive Electrical Maintenance Programs

A proper electrical maintenance program includes regularly scheduled inspections, electrical testing, apparatus maintenance, and detailed reports.  The purpose of these services is to reduce equipment breakdown and unexpected downtime.  Eastern High Voltage has helped develop many site specific programs based on equipment condition as well as our customer's reliability, budget and shutdown requirements. Service is performed on a continuous rotating plan providing budgeting and scheduling stability.  Management is relieved of the burden of special maintenance planning responsibilities.  Our experienced personnel can help plan and implement an electrical testing and maintenance program that best fits your needs.

  • Minimize Costly Failures and Unplanned Downtime
  • Extend Equipment Useful Life Expectancy
  • Delay Large Capital Expenditures for New Equipment
  • Budget and Scheduling Stability

Preventive Electrical Maintenance Services

  • Infrared Scanning - Thermographic inspection of loaded connection points for ‘hot-spots’.
  • Visual Inspection - Inspect for dirt, moisture, corrosion, tracking, rodent invasion, vegetation growth, leaks and physical damage.
  • Mechanical Inspection - Manually exercise equipment and check operation.  Inspect operating mechanisms, mechanical linkages, contacts, receivers.
  • Maintenance - Clean and polish to restore to acceptable condition.  Lubricate operating mechanisms and mechanical linkages.  Apply anti-corrosion grease to contacts, bus stabs and receivers when applicable.
  • Electrical Testing - Insulation resistance tests, conducting path resistance tests, turns ratio tests, protective device trip tests.

NETA Frequency of Mainenence Tests