Eastern High Voltage Inc.

Troubleshooting Repairs and Emergency Services

In today's world of critical data and 'just in time manufacturing', it has become more important than ever to perform a quality electrical maintenance program. However, if the unexpected occurs, our regular maintenance customers enjoy the peace of mind in knowing that we can help. Our technicians are trained and experienced in equipment troubleshooting, usually resulting in a timely resolution of the problem. What truly separates Eastern High Voltage from the average testing company is our proven performance when problems occur.

Eastern High Voltage performs many different types of electrical equipment repairs. In many cases repairs can be made on-site, alleviating the need for factory service. When available, we use new OEM parts and perform post repair electrical testing. This ensures proper equipment operation prior to returning it to service. If new OEM parts are not available, we maintain relationships with many resellers of used and refurbished OEM parts and equipment.

  • Transformers - Bushing Replacements, Tap Changer Repairs, Regasketing, Insulating Liquid Filtering and Replacement, Rewinds and Replacement
  • Circuit Breakers - Repairs, Refurbishment and Replacement, Solid State Retrofits
  • Air Switches - Repairs, Refurbishment and Replacement
  • Motor Starters - Repairs, Refurbishment and Replacement
  • Protective Relays - Repairs and Replacement
  • Bus and Insulators - Repairs and Replacement
  • Controls - Troubleshooting and Repairs